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Antics, performer
Andrew Gingerich & Jacob Smith, directors

Jacob Smith
Fernando Brandi
Peasant A:
Gwen Comings
Peasant B:
Jason Martin
Additional Peasants:
Curtis Allen
Hannah Blumenreich
Molly Cornelius
Kathryn Morris
Amy Nyberg
Justing Weber
Special Thanks:
Kathryn Morris

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Made for my MCAD film class, this is the second project I co-directed with Jacob Smith. Our production concept here was to build on some of the map imagery in the Antics song Cartographics, along with the idea of borders and separation, and do a little tribute to the Iron Curtain. We were aided greatly by the discovery that fully functional Soviet gas masks can be purchased for a mere $14 each, and we experimented a lot with ways to make a few people look like a bunch of people.

The shoot was more stressful than I would have liked, and I really think this project could have used more time and development in pre-production, However, I am also quite proud with the finished product.

A great deal of this film's aesthetic was inspired by the terrific (and public domain!) film On Guard! The Story of SAGE, made by IBM around 1956.

-Andrew Gingerich