Welcome to the website for Exploding Shorts: short films created by the good folks at Exploding Goldfish Films and made available for free public viewing.

March is Exploding Shorts Month, and 2008 is no different! Check back every Tuesday and Thursday in March for another short film.


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A Noteworthy Occurrence

A Noteworthy Occurrence

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  A Noteworthy Occurrence added 03/20/08
Rum and Pancakes added 03/19/08 Don's Impossible Adventure added 03/13/08
Don't Set Yourself On Fire added 03/13/08 Don't Poke Yourself in the Eye added 03/11/08
The Adventures of Les Brady, Narcoleptic Detective added 03/11/08 Beginnings added 03/06/08
The Scary Key added 03/04/08 World Peace, Ltd. added 12/25/07
Cartographics added 3/24/07 The Sound of Impending Doom added 3/24/07
The Floating Orb Of Knowledge Does Its Taxes added 3/22/07 Everything You Need To Know About Farming In The 1850’s-1890’s In 30 Seconds Or Less added 3/22/07
Transformation Transportation Transubstantiation added 3/17/07 Philosophy Time! added 3/17/07
Don't Have A Cow added 3/15/07 How To Siege A Castle added 3/15/07
Selfless Self-Indulgence added 3/10/07 Two Minutes With God added 3/10/07
Pacifism Documentary added 3/8/07 Anti-Film (a triptych) added 3/8/07
Hear, Speak and See added 3/3/07 Frozen Exploding Goldfish added 3/3/07
RRRR added 3/1/07 The Magical Murderous Kingdom of Eat Street added 3/1/07