Don's Impossible Adventure

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Winner - Audience Award - Best Student Film - TriMedia Film Festival 2007

Andrew Gingerich, director

Steve Bucko
Salad Spinner Haiku:
Kaiser Wilhelm II:
Vincent Gagnepain
Dr. I. Learned Scholar:
Jesse Griffith
Kathryn Morris
Jacob Smith
Kaiser Wilhelm Puppeteer:
Jesse Griffith
Second Unit Recordist:
Ethan Holbrook
Special Thanks:
Amalia Nicholson
Norma Gingerich

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My intro to film final from the spring of 2007, and my first film in Minneapolis to use Real Actors.

Like so much of my work, this was a broject born out of desperation. It was 3 AM, I had to pitch my final project to my class the next day, and I had nothing. It seemed like a good idea at the time to write a pitch so unbelievably weird that the class and my teacher would have no choice but to tell me that I just couldn't do it. That way I could take another week to come up with a real idea. So I wrote the pitch and… well… this is what happened.

So I had no choice but to actually make the damn thing, which I really didn't expect. On the plus side, I did get to make what I still consider to be the strangest movie of my long and storied history of strange movies. Vvinni, from the Exploding Goldfish recording studios (Ha! *SNORT*) in Colorado, kindly lent his crazed gibbering to the role of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and I got a real local stage actor to stand on a street corner and shout non-sequiturs while wearing a rubber pig on his forehead. Good times.

All this insanity paid off in August when Don's Impossible Adventure won the audience award for best student film at the 2007 TriMedia Film Festival.

-Andrew Gingerich

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