Don't Poke Yourself in the Eye

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Official Selection - TriMedia Film Festival 2007

Andrew Gingerich, director

Kathryn Morris

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This is one of those spur-of-the-moment films that just sort of happened to me last winter. I was hanging out with Kathy in the black studio while she was shooting intertitles for one of her film projects, and she wound up with something like twelve extra feet of film. "Twelve whole feet!" I exclaimed. "Let's make a movie!"

And from that simple but perfectly defensible moment of stupidity, the Good Advice for Bad People series of micro-shorts was born. Since then, every time I've had the urge to "just make a quick movie," I shot another one. Just to give you some taste of the other forthcoming films: Don't Set Yourself On Fire, Don't Go To Art School, Pancakes Are Not Finger Food, and Don't Look Into the Camera. All are black-and-white, all are exactly thirty seconds and zero frames long, and most are shot on film. You can bet yer sweet bippy that you will be seeing those on this site soon, because there's really nowhere else I can show such things.

-Andrew Gingerich