How To Siege A Castle

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Andrew Gingerich, director

Barbarian 1/Leper
Chris Doyle
Barian 2/3
Evan Riffe
Narrator/Poison Victim:
Andrew Gingerich
Trebuchet Construction:
Chris Doyle
Evan Riffe

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Made in a weekend as a project for my sophomore year speech class, this one got around. It has been shown (without my prior knowledge, let alone consent) to high school physics classes, preschool teachers, nuns…

Okay. The nuns part isn't true. But my point is that this thing took on a life of its own and wound up everywhere, God knows how because I only made three copies. This film also sports the honor of being rejected from the 2005 Silver Spoon Film Festival. WOOT!

I'm not proud of this piece, but it seems to be popular, and to be fair, it DOES feature a working model of a trebuchet hurling flaming debris at a model castle. And that's pretty damn cool. This also marks the first (and definitely not the last) time I was called upon to scream into a microphone for the sake of art.

-Andrew Gingerich