Pacifism Documentary

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Andrew Gingerich and Jacob Smith, directors

Interview Subjects:

Phil Stoltzfus
Dick Bernard

Special Thanks:
Archival Footage:

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This documentary was completed in collaboration with Jacob Smith as the second assignment for our intro to filmmaking class. The interview subjects are Phil Stoltzfus, assistant professor of religion at St. Olaf College, and Dick Bernard, president of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers.

I'd like to thank our interview subjects, as well as Patrick Preheim and Faith Mennonite Church, for their help and involvement.

Both the interviews we did for this film were fascinating, and I'm planning on putting them up in their entirety sometime in the near future.

This film is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. A high-resolution QuickTime version of this video can be downloaded here (107 MB).

-Andrew Gingerich