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Ethan Holbrook & Parker Cagle-Smith, directors

David Armstrong
Aubri Hendryx
Ruth Poliakon
Ethan Holbrook
Vincent Gagnepain
Mr. McCarthy:
Andrew Gingerich
Patricia McCluren:
Meredith Nichols
Screenplay By:
Ethan Holbrook
Parker Cagle-Smith
Director of Photography:
Andrew Gingerich
Executive Producer:
Andrew Gingerich

"Duck and Cover" by Archer Productions, Inc.

Nuclear test footage provided by the United States Department of Defense

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I became involved in RRRR mostly because I was available. Parker told me that he and Ethan had written a rather incoherent short film, and they wanted my help in producing it for entry in the Poudre High School film festival. I never did understand the script, but I did help them shoot and edit the film at a rather breakneck pace (one evening of shooting, a weekend of editing), and I'm quite impressed at the way it turned out.

RRRR took second place in the Poudre Film Festival (losing out to an excerpt of Wholesale Souls, Inc., mostly because many of my family members attended and skewed the vote).

No, I don't know what the kangaroo means, and yes, that post-it note is SUPPOSED to be misspelled. The oranges… well… anyone's guess is as good as mine.

-Andrew Gingerich