Selfless Self-Indulgence

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Parker Cagle-Smith, Vincent Gagnepain, Ethan Holbrook, directors

Aubrie Hendryx
Sean Cummings
Vincent Gagnepain
Canoodling Girl:
Aubrie Hendryx
Canoodling Boy:
Ethan Holbrook
Wallet Man: Parker Cagle-Smith
Frantic Man: Ethan Holbrook
Dead Man: Vincent Gagnepain
Coffee Man: Ethan Holbrook
Pen-Seeking Man: Vincent Gagnepain
Written By:
Sean Cummings
Ethan Holbrook
Art Director:
Aubrie Hendryx

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I wasn't a part of making this one, but oh how I wish I would have been. This short was made for the 2006 Boulder Shoot-Out, in which contestants are required to write and shoot an entire short film in only twenty-four hours, without the aid of any nonlinear editing. This film won best film for the 17 and under age group, although I have watched the whole DVD and can vouch for the fact that it really, truly is the best film of all those submitted.

Apart from it being surprisingly high-concept for such a rushed, small-scale piece, this film also supports what I honestly hold to be my favorite cinematic line delivery of all time, when Vvinni, as the bum, says, "God bless you, captain spacecraft!" Apparently it was a flubbed line, and I think that's part of its charm, but the wealth of character exposition packaged into that delivery is truly astounding. Bravo.

-Andrew Gingerich